Down 'N Dirty Product Comparison

Rear Chain Guides

Factory Edition #1 Rear Guide

  • Patented "U" solid body construction.
  • Simple bolt on. No need to remove chain.
  • Works For MX, off road or stock upgrade.
  • Proprietary "Return Memory" impact formula.
  • Slightly thicker wear pad lasts long time.
  • 100% innovated and made in USA by TMD.
  • Continually upgrading service life and cosmetics.
  • This is the first and only patented product to start the plastic chain guide revolution.

Factory Edition #2 Rear Guide

  • These chain guides are targeted more toward serious off road and Baja type racing.
  • Bolt on with replaceable MX or Off road wear pad.
  • Proprietary impact resistant body is designed with extra sprocket and chain protection.
  • The FE2 is a must purchase were DNF's are not an option.
  • Used by most top factory off road teams and riders worldwide.
  • This chain guide has multiple championship wins for 16 straight years!

GP MX Factory Rear Chain Guide

  • 5 to 80 grams lighter than stock.
  • Custom Factory level product at affordable price.
  • Trick Pat Pending slim and narrow tapered profile.
  • EZ install, increased ground clearance also.
  • Longer wear pad length insures chain feed/protection.
  • Wear pad is pre angled to accept OS sprockets.
  • This creates less drag and extends wear pad life.
  • Tested and used by some of the top Supercross teams and riders.

Dirt Cross Swingarm Sliders
for Big Bike and Mini's

Dirt Cross Swingarm Front Chain Sliders

  • Molded with low-drag compound formula
  • The only Slider with self-lube additive & UV protection
  • Each Slider has a new race tested shape and thickness
  • Newer models feature side plates to keep chain centered
  • All other chain sliders are just cheap copies of stock part
  • Made is USA. Bolt on. Lots color choices, economic price
  • Available for popular 50-105 mini's and 125-600 dirt bikes
  • Optional alloy or titanium hardware available for purchase

Noise Dampening Swingarm Sliders

  • We take our Dirt-X front slider and bond dampening pads to dramatically reduce chain noise slap and sound
  • Each Pad is Statically placed with our DC molded material to give you a real low chain slap noise ride
  • Most sliders have aluminum holding collars, bolts in steel or titanium
  • This is an excellent choice for woods or dual sport riding
  • Optional alloy or titanium hardware available for purchase

Baja Endurance Swingarm Sliders

  • The answer to extreme premature wear like KXF Kawasaki's
  • Custom composite material "Wears like Steel-lubes like oil"
  • This is the part you need for long mileage racing or riding
  • Our dampening pads reduce sound-n-slap noise
  • Custom machined finish makes for a perfect fit
  • New lightweight hardware on most (not all) models
  • The perfect choice for offroad racing and long dual sport rides


Discount Chain Slide-N-Guide Kits

GP Motocross Kits

  • Consists of our best Slider and GP guide in kit.
  • Chain roller or frame pads are optional choices.
  • Used in 2016 by over 40% of 250 lites SX teams.
  • This kit is durable, affordable, and improves performance.
  • Our "Works" GP Slider and guide is the privateer dream setup.
  • All parts simply bolt on and come with hardware.
  • Factory race tested parts made in the USA at discount price.

Complete Baja & Multi-Purpose Kits

  • 2 categories of discount Slide N Guide kits.
  • Both kits come complete with slider, rollers & Guide.
  • Choose Baja category for serious off road use & 06-16 KXF 250/450 parts.
  • The Multipurpose category works for MX or off road riders.
  • Both categories can choose a FE 1 or FE 2 rear chain guide.
  • All kits are pre-discounted at your dealer or direct.
  • Both performance kits work great at 2 separate price points.

Mini 50-105 Kits

  • Hey why should all the big guys have the trick stuff?
  • TMD new mini line of slider n guides to the rescue
  • Used by top teams like KTM Orange Brigade.
  • Each kit comes with Slider, roller or pad, & Rear guide.
  • Most of the rear guides use affordable replaceable wear pads.
  • True Factory bike design and performance in each kit
  • TMD Mini Kits are target designed to reduce chain drag which directly increases power.
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